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8th Grade History, Wind River Reservation and Native American Issues: Home

Resource links for 8th grade history research.

Research Project Description


SS 8.1.1.a Explain the rights, duties, and responsibilities of being a tribal member on the Wind River Indian Reservation (e.g., inherent rights, treaty obligations, and tribal sovereignty).

SS8.1.3 - Explain the historical development of the 1868 Fort Bridger Treat) and how they have shaped Wyoming, and tribal, Government.

SS8.2.3 - Analyze the unique cultural characteristics of various groups within Wyoming and the nation, including Indigenous Tribes of Wyoming (e.g., language, traditions, spirituality, art, lifestyle, and assimilation). 

SS8.2.4.a Explain the cultural contributions of and interactions   between Native Americans and immigrant groups in Wyoming and the United States. 

Project Description

Research Instructions: 

  • Research the creation of the Wind River Indian Reservation, as set forth in the Fort Bridger Treaty of 1868. 
  • Research the changes to the original Fort Bridger Treaty and the Wind River Reservation. 
  • Research modern life in the Reservation including rights, responsibilities of tribal members. (i.e. the tribal governments). 
  • Research how modern tribal members preserve and express their culture.


  • Use the provided LibGuide to access both primary and secondary sources. 
  • Use the provided note-taking structures to record important details.  
  • Use Noodletools to create an annotated MLA style works cited. 


End Product: 

Produce one of the following to demonstrate your learning:

  • A 5 paragraph explanatory essay with supporting images and an MLA works cited 
  • A 4-5 minute documentary video with an MLA works cited
  • Interactive google slide show with an MLA works cited