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Activities for Library Aids: ADOPT A SECTION

Adopt a Section Responsibilities

Adopt a section of the library is similar to the "Adopt a Highway" program.  It will insure that your section is looking good at all times. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Make sure the section is tidy and in order.
  • Be proactive and find ways to promote your section of the library.  
  • Shelf talkers should be done two times a month
  • Choose one other activity on the list below each month.


Shelf Talker

A shelf talker is a little advertisement for a book.  Shelf talkers should include the following:

  • Title and author
  • A brief summary of the book
  • A brief description on why you think readers would like this book or should read it.
  • A picture of the book
  • End with, "recommended by your name, your grade level"

Decorate your Section

Bring in props to display above or beside your section.  Think about props that would represent what is in your section.  The idea is to draw people in to the section so that they'll take a look.

Morning Announcement

Write a morning announcement about your section of the library!  Be creative. If you are REALLY bold, go and talk with Mr. Hoelscher to ask him which day you can make an announcement and then do it!

Bulletin Board

Design a bulletin board advertising your section. This will be for the 6th grade hall bulletin board.  

New Book Suggestion

New books are important to keep the section fresh and inviting.  We expect you to make a suggestion for a new book that we should purchase for your section.  

Places to look for new book suggestions:

Poster to promote your section

Create an attractive poster to advertise your section.  Then, display it somewhere in the school.  You can hand design it or design it on the computer. Your poster should include visuals and information about the exciting section that you've adopted!

Display Case

Design and implement a display about your section for the 8th grade hall display case.  Use props, books, information, and your own creativity!