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JHHS Library: Images & Photo Tools

Links to Image Sources & Photo Tools

Click any of the hyperlinks below to see detailed lists and links:

Image Databases: This page contains some of the largest, highest-quality image databases available on the world wide web.  All of them have extensive coverage of visual images relevant to all content areas.

Image & Visual Search Engines:  This page contains links to large search engines that search the web and mutiple image databases.  The visual serach engines search for images using image and visual matching technologies, rather than keywords, tags, or text.

Open Access: The links on this page take you to websites that contain images that can be used freely for school and academic projects. This page also contains links to free web based clip art.

Image Analysis: This page contains resources to help you analyze an image that you are considering using for a school project.  Images should be analyzed for quality, reliability, and appropriateness. There are several tools and guides on this page to help you do that. 

Photo Tools: This page contains links to web based image editing tools, web based presentation & viewing tools, and web based image storage and sharing tools.

Ethical Use & Copyright: This page is critical. It is important to be very clear about what you can and can not do with imagery that you use.  This page has links to many sources that will help you determine if what you are using and how you are using is legal and falls within fair use guidelines.

Reverse Image Search

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